Star Wars : Sith Rex

The Clone Wars have ended, but they are not forgotten. Some battlefields look as if the last battle droid has just fallen. Many battle fields are overgrown, the carcasses of the war machines picked to their frames by scavengers sentient and otherwise. Most battlefields have been scrubbed clean by the good citizens of the Empire so that life might go on.

The Jedi order is no more. A few Jedi remain. A few in hiding, some on the run. All Jedi are hunted by Darth Vader, and his minions, who seem to be inevitably destroying them one by one.

Emperor Palpatine solidifies his power as the Galactic Senate debates and feuds. The planet wide city of Coruscant spins on; new government, different day, but nothing much seems to have changed.

Elsewhere in the galaxy, there are rumblings of dissatisfaction. The Empire takes, but it doesn’t give back. Many remember The Republic fondly. Many have in their hearts a spirit of … Rebellion!

Star Wars: Sith Rex

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