Star Wars: Sith Rex

Following The Sphere of Life
There's not enough room on this ship.

The Jedi sat and talked with Master Reet and asked lots of questions about The Sphere of Life. It apparently used to live in the middle of four trees that grew as one. I’ve seen trees group together to survive the wind, but never seen four that grow as one, the roots get all tangled together and some of them get killed in the process. But whatever, it was found there by a pirate and his ship crashed on Verm where some old Jedi found The Sphere.

So we head to Verm in the Outer Rim and land at some engine-blasted mud hole named Ket. In town I look around in the local nets and find a few things about where the ship is crashed and that it’s the center of a local “dub” infestation. Pulling maps and local warnings, we meet up in the local tavern for some lunch and a couple drinks before heading out.

Out of boredom I ask one of the locals what she thinks of the crash site, the look on her face is that I either insulted her family, or she’s about to wet herself… or whatever Rodian’s do. A few of the others smooth things over with her a bit and she tells us that she’s scared of the place. We let her know we plan on going out there, but that when we come back we will let her know that we’re safe. This seems to pacify her, she looks less…. well, green than before.

We get to where The Endless Hunt ended it’s hunt (HA!) and see that the ship is broken into pieces, it might have been an old YT freighter back in the day. Now this is just a scrappers nightmare, we keep hearing random grunts and hoots from the trees. Inside we do our best to gather any sort of navigational data, but most of this stuff is fried. The only “prize” out of this is a decent heavy blaster that was in the pilots holster. He’s ash and bones, but his hip survived.
Nal finds that he hyperdrive is mostly intact, but will need some repairs and it’s actually better than the old putter we have in The Pure Blood, so we plan to take it. Someone discovers the captains quarters and finds multiple pictures of a fat Rodian with a silver droid next to him.

While Nal gets started on the hyperdrive, I look around quickly and set up a perimeter and identify defense points, these animals outside are getting angry and have started throwing some rocks at the wreck. Once everyone understands we may be under attack soon, I do my best to help not destroy the hyperdrive and get it on a mag lev.

Once outside the dub have started throwing rocks and other random bits of mess at us. We use sheets of metal from the wreckage as cover as we head to the shuttle, but this doesn’t really seem to help much. Drinn decides that enough is enough and a show of force is needed, she steps out front and flips on her lightsaber. When she does all of the dub stop throwing rocks and begin humming with the saber.

Not being one to frown on good luck, we hustle the hyperdrive to the shuttle and head back to The PB. Once there we see a Bothan standing outside our ship with a few pieces of obviously hired muscle. He lays some stupid line on us about not paying landing fees or something dumb and we tell him that if he’s charging landing fees, he needs to have fueling and repair space available and maybe should have a beacon out so that everyone knows this is his space. Then he goes into more garbage about the cost of taking salvage from the planet and we all laugh at him for this, what we have has been here for 30+ years more than long enough for anyone to take it. Making a third attempt at getting money he starts giving us trouble about “hunting dub without a license”, so I decide to show him all of the information I’ve downloaded from the planetary net showing that these are a “nuisance” creature and don’t require a license for hunting.
Once he’s fully embarrassed, he takes his thugs and leaves.

After the hyperdrive is loaded we head to the tavern to tell our friend that we came home safe. As we head back to the ship we see that the silver droid is there and he says that he wants to come with us, he cannot due to the restraining bolt holding him here. We go back to the tavern and offer to buy the droid from the bartender who complains about losing a worker so we point out that his friendly, attractive niece would be a better bartender than some boring old droid. And with that our friendly waitress is promoted to bartender, much to her excitement.

We get us and our new droid, ExArr, back to the ship and head out. While we are heading back to the Core, Mag sends a message to Zest that we need some work. He asks around and finds that Rotta needs an enemy shamed. We apparently get to plan the worst party ever.

It's a big big big universe

So we walked down a hallway past the tentacle creature, there we found a hangar with a few ships and a droid repairing a speeder.

Will it be a problem? “Droid state your designation”
“I am T3-DD, DeeDee”
“Greetings DeeDee. What is your function here?”
“I am to keep the ships in working order and repair any problems.”
“Who does this shuttle belong to?”
“The shuttle belong to the Jedi, the Jedi, the Jedi. <brrzt>
Great, she needs a system wipe. She’s been online too long.
“Wonderful. Are there any living beings here?”
“The six of you are the only sentient life in this facility.”
I’ll let her get back to what she was doing, and she’s less likely to cause a problem this way. “Thank you DeeDee, please return to your repairs.”

Looking around the room we can piece together a mechanical repair kit or two. There are speeder bikes, the speeder DeeDee is repairing and a shuttle. Great, now if we can just get away from the Empire’s TIE fighters, we can get off Vandor 3.
This place was picked over pretty well, obviously whoever was here didn’t leave in a hurry. There’s a workshop for some basic electronics repair and some specialized electronics similar to what I’d use for a blaster, but different. So maybe this was a Jedi place.
The central room marked “Temple” on the holo-map is about as large as the hangar with a domed ceiling, weapons on the walls and a padded floor. There’s an altar of some sort in a corner. I look at the weapons on the wall and they are well used and old.
“Welcome students.I am Master Reet"
Where did that projection come from? Who setup a holo-terminal? No wait, that’s coming from some glowing box sitting up on a stand. I guess someone else put that up there.
Master Reet talks with Drinn, Nabrina, and Sarn saying he would like to teach them. He calls Drinn “Padawan” I’m guessing that’s some Jedi title, or whatever race the four armed clawed man is.
Master Reet says that we were foretold. The temple would be invaded and destroyed today at sundown, which is in about 45 minutes. OK, so Master Box is gonna have to wait. We take him down from the stand and check the rest of the place. There’s a kitchen with some survival food and a bunk room with simple robes and dust.
We might as well take DeeDee with us, she can repair the shuttle if needed.
“DeeDee, new directive. Please cease repairs on the speeder and wait for further instruction in the shuttle.”
Well that was easy, no fuss no trouble.
I’m ready to get out of here, but Sarn and Drinn want to take the specialized electronics work bench with us. Once we get this on-board Nal, the Duros, already has the ship prepped and ready to fly. He and Mag, the Bothan, are running the communications and flying far better than I can. I’ll just stay out of the way.
After a couple hour trip we get to the coordinates loaded into the computer of the shuttle, and it is a moon. We land the shuttle and there’s a protocol droid greeting us.
“Greetings, I am BU-K7, Callsign: Buk. Jedi Military Relations. How may I assist you?”
“Greetings Buk. Is there anyone else here?”
“Nope, just us.”
Looking around there are a four starships. A modified YT-1300 that looks like a hammerhead. A large turtle. A Wayfarer class transport and a Jedi Consular ship sit in the corners.

Looking over the ships it’s decided if we need to we should take the Wayfarer, it’s big enough to hold the shuttle and has a couple of Z-95 Headhunters on-board.

Wayfarer class transport

Z-95 Headhunter

Buk talks with everyone about who knows what. I’m busy looking around to see if there are any useful tools.
Bweep Bweep Bweep
“Buck what is that noise?”
“A ship has just been detected by our long range sensors”
“What kind of ship?”
“Two short range Imperial fighters”

Everyone grabs stuff and we load into the Wayfarer. I really should find out her name soon. We get out of the base and start to head out, but Nal and Meg want to deal with the fighters. They both take the Z-95’s out and turn for the TIE’s as soon as they are close. Since I’m left with flying the freighter for now, we may as well try to help. We head toward the TIE’s and someone fires a torpedo. Sarn is manning our quad-laser and scores a great hit from this distance and destroys a fighter, the ship next to the explosion panics and turns too hard destroying a third TIE. The one remaining fighter attempts to break and run, but either the torpedo or a Z-95 hunt him down. We dock the fighters and make our jump to hyperspace.
In 48 hours we will be on Dantooine.

While we fly to Dantooine all of the Jedi (Drinn, Nabrina, and Sarn) sit around with the glowing box of Master Reet and commune with their toes or whatever Jedi do. I take this time to disassemble this blaster rifle and put it back together a few times, I need to know my new tool.
As we come out into sub-light speed, Nal receives an incoming transmission for Mag. She takes her call from another Bothan and he gives her some coordinates and says “we should meet, and bring your friends”.
We decide go to his ship. His name is Zest and he feels slimy. I’m not going to complain about who Mag keeps company with, because his ship is really nice, but he just knows too much and obviously wants us to be under his furry thumb.
Zest is helpful in that he lets us know The Empire has a holo of all six of us. Sarn, Drinn and Nabrina are all specially highlighted. This holo was in a transmission to Inquisitor Ludd Shere a student of Emperor Palpatine and Commander Pestalak, Darth Vader’s apprentice. This is quickly killing my hopes of joining the Academy and becoming a Stormtrooper.

Zest asks what we took from the temple on Vandor, everyone acts innocent and he asks again. So I’ll give him the most useless thing I can think of, “We found a black sphere.” Everyone else gives me stares like I’m an idiot, but he knows we took something. Zest offers 2500 credits for the sphere, and we laugh at him in the nicest possible way.

Zest says that he will do what he can to keep us out of Imperial sight, and that he knows a Hutt who’s looking to hire some mercenaries. The Hutt’s name is Rotta the Hutt, he’s extremely young for a Hutt, but also extremely ambitious. Maybe Rotta will have work for Zest that we can pick up.

After leaving Zest’s ship we all go back and immediately ask Master Reet about the Sphere. Reet talks for a while, and I sort of zoned out, it was all a lot of nothing I cared about.

Just another day in Blue Hill
A Horrible Beginning

Just another quite day at work. While I know keeping farmers crops safe from pests is important, I don’t see how another day of this is going to help me join the Imperial Service, but my boss keeps telling me; “Showing that you’re willing to help society, will look good on your application.” Oh well, who needs vermin cleared out today.

click….. click… Why is the government band not responding on my com-link?
..categorized as a quarantine zone. Please stay in your homes, any resistance will be met with force. … Repeating. This is the Imperial Army we are here for your protection. This area has been categorized as a quarantine zone. Please stay in your homes, any resistance will be met with force."

Wow, Blue Hill is a quarantine zone. Must be a biological plague or something. I’m gonna head to the starport and find out what’s going on. Jump troopers flying out of transports, TIE fighters screaming overhead. Woah! Taking out any ships flying away, this must be serious.

Why is that Lambda shuttle not coming here? It’s landing in the town square. It’s got troopers on board, maybe a few officers. If I show I’m helpful they might be willing to fast track my application.

Whew. I beat the shuttle, that was a good run. Civilian. This is a quarantine zone. Get on your knees. We are here for your protection.
“I’m a local game warden, how can I help you?”
Why the heck are they taking my rifle, hey you don’t need these handcuffs. I said I’m here to help. Why are they arresting me, why are the officers still pointing their guns at me?

That officer just got shot! I’ll be a Gamorian’s uncle, a rebellion starting in Blue Hill. This officer has a gun to my head. He’s going to shoot me in the back and I can’t stop him. BEEWWW BEEWWWW Oh what a fuzzy headed nerf, while he’s shooting at whoever that was. I’m out of here! Ugh, running in these binders is tough. Ow! I landed on someone… a Bothan? No time to apologize. I need to get into the grass and as far from here as I can.

Running north from town I see a Twilek who’s familiar, she was at the spaceport with that Duros earlier. Either they had the same idea I did, or the troopers are funneling us into a trap. Hey, where did that Bothan go? Whoa that blaster shot was close.. no wait it came from the ground.

Why’s the Bothan in a cave? Wait, there’s no caves here. She’s getting attacked by something. I jump down the hole and see a tentacle monster attacking her. We blast away at it for a while and it finally stops moving. I learn that stormtroopers are better trained than I am, using a blaster rifle on automatic is hard.

It sounds like the punchline to a very complicated joke but, I’m in an underground cave with a Bothan, a Twiliek, a Duros, a Zabrek, and I hear someone else scrambling down the hole now too.

A Hole in Vandor 3.
No secret remains buried forever ...

In the Coruscant system is a planet: Vandor 3. A simple and quiet planet, the primary grain producer for the entire system. But Vandor 3 is more than millions of hectares of farms and seemingly endless seas of towering grass.

Vandor 3 holds many secrets

Once, there was a clone training facility here. Once, the Jedi brought their padawan here to train. The fields today that produce grain and vegetables for Galactic Center were the killing grounds where dozens of Jedi were slaughtered by the their own clone troops. Vandor 3 holds other secrets as well.

On the large continent of Vandor 3, on an overcast day just after the Harvest Festival, the quiet farming community called Blue Hill was about to see a lot of rain. The impending inclement weather had closed down the Tent Market early. The dusty walkways were being blown clean by the winds. Patrons at The Smoky Nerf and the Grass Sea Pub were beginning the end of the work week early, beer and wine were flowing.

High above the town, the clouds part to reveal a Victory 1 Class Star Destroyer. TIE fighters explode from the sides of the ship and dive for the ground, strafing buildings and people in every direction. Lambda Class shuttles began to descend, with jump pack equiped Stormtroopers aboard.

Almost immediately, the small starport lay in ruins, along with every ship in the air or on the ground. The PCs begin to scramble away from the activity. The Jedi and the Adept in a truck, chased by TIE fighters. The Tech and the Noble attempt to steal a ship that is destroyed in front of them. The Scoundrel assesses the situation from cover, while the Soldier attempts to join the Imperials, and he’s arrested for his efforts.

Fate intervenes, bringing the Bothan, the Duros and the Twi’lek together. They decide to steal the shuttle the Soldier approached. In the process, they kinda wrecked the shuttle, but they gave enough of a distraction to allow the Soldier to escape. He ran right past them, cuffed and disarmed, seemingly headed for the horizon!

Meanwhile the force users have been fleeing TIE fighters and managed to literally and figuratively ditch their ride. They, too, decide to run toward the horizon, only to quickly find a place that “feels good”, one bright with The Force.

The four find themselves hunted by jump pack troops, only to quickly dispatch them. Fate intervenes to bring the four together with the two, only to lose the Bothan down a hole!

The Scoundrel is attacked by a creature known as a Cave Selenome (similar to the Selenome found in the oceans of Vandor 3). Eventually the Soldier and the Jedi join in, but the Jedi is still careful to not reveal her true self. Meanwhile, the Nobel, the Tech and the Adept keep watch top side. The Adept and the Jedi are hearing a voice, more feeling the voice, calling to them, from underground. The Jedi makes her way past the creature to find the walls are covered by a sea shell or mother of pearl (Mother of Selenome?) layer.

The rest of the group eventually joins the fray, stopping the Selenome, though likely not killing it. The Jedi stealthfully lightsabers her way through the shell, revealing a passage beyond …


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