Star Wars: Sith Rex

A Hole in Vandor 3.

No secret remains buried forever ...

In the Coruscant system is a planet: Vandor 3. A simple and quiet planet, the primary grain producer for the entire system. But Vandor 3 is more than millions of hectares of farms and seemingly endless seas of towering grass.

Vandor 3 holds many secrets

Once, there was a clone training facility here. Once, the Jedi brought their padawan here to train. The fields today that produce grain and vegetables for Galactic Center were the killing grounds where dozens of Jedi were slaughtered by the their own clone troops. Vandor 3 holds other secrets as well.

On the large continent of Vandor 3, on an overcast day just after the Harvest Festival, the quiet farming community called Blue Hill was about to see a lot of rain. The impending inclement weather had closed down the Tent Market early. The dusty walkways were being blown clean by the winds. Patrons at The Smoky Nerf and the Grass Sea Pub were beginning the end of the work week early, beer and wine were flowing.

High above the town, the clouds part to reveal a Victory 1 Class Star Destroyer. TIE fighters explode from the sides of the ship and dive for the ground, strafing buildings and people in every direction. Lambda Class shuttles began to descend, with jump pack equiped Stormtroopers aboard.

Almost immediately, the small starport lay in ruins, along with every ship in the air or on the ground. The PCs begin to scramble away from the activity. The Jedi and the Adept in a truck, chased by TIE fighters. The Tech and the Noble attempt to steal a ship that is destroyed in front of them. The Scoundrel assesses the situation from cover, while the Soldier attempts to join the Imperials, and he’s arrested for his efforts.

Fate intervenes, bringing the Bothan, the Duros and the Twi’lek together. They decide to steal the shuttle the Soldier approached. In the process, they kinda wrecked the shuttle, but they gave enough of a distraction to allow the Soldier to escape. He ran right past them, cuffed and disarmed, seemingly headed for the horizon!

Meanwhile the force users have been fleeing TIE fighters and managed to literally and figuratively ditch their ride. They, too, decide to run toward the horizon, only to quickly find a place that “feels good”, one bright with The Force.

The four find themselves hunted by jump pack troops, only to quickly dispatch them. Fate intervenes to bring the four together with the two, only to lose the Bothan down a hole!

The Scoundrel is attacked by a creature known as a Cave Selenome (similar to the Selenome found in the oceans of Vandor 3). Eventually the Soldier and the Jedi join in, but the Jedi is still careful to not reveal her true self. Meanwhile, the Nobel, the Tech and the Adept keep watch top side. The Adept and the Jedi are hearing a voice, more feeling the voice, calling to them, from underground. The Jedi makes her way past the creature to find the walls are covered by a sea shell or mother of pearl (Mother of Selenome?) layer.

The rest of the group eventually joins the fray, stopping the Selenome, though likely not killing it. The Jedi stealthfully lightsabers her way through the shell, revealing a passage beyond …



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