Star Wars: Sith Rex

Just another day in Blue Hill

A Horrible Beginning

Just another quite day at work. While I know keeping farmers crops safe from pests is important, I don’t see how another day of this is going to help me join the Imperial Service, but my boss keeps telling me; “Showing that you’re willing to help society, will look good on your application.” Oh well, who needs vermin cleared out today.

click….. click… Why is the government band not responding on my com-link?
..categorized as a quarantine zone. Please stay in your homes, any resistance will be met with force. … Repeating. This is the Imperial Army we are here for your protection. This area has been categorized as a quarantine zone. Please stay in your homes, any resistance will be met with force."

Wow, Blue Hill is a quarantine zone. Must be a biological plague or something. I’m gonna head to the starport and find out what’s going on. Jump troopers flying out of transports, TIE fighters screaming overhead. Woah! Taking out any ships flying away, this must be serious.

Why is that Lambda shuttle not coming here? It’s landing in the town square. It’s got troopers on board, maybe a few officers. If I show I’m helpful they might be willing to fast track my application.

Whew. I beat the shuttle, that was a good run. Civilian. This is a quarantine zone. Get on your knees. We are here for your protection.
“I’m a local game warden, how can I help you?”
Why the heck are they taking my rifle, hey you don’t need these handcuffs. I said I’m here to help. Why are they arresting me, why are the officers still pointing their guns at me?

That officer just got shot! I’ll be a Gamorian’s uncle, a rebellion starting in Blue Hill. This officer has a gun to my head. He’s going to shoot me in the back and I can’t stop him. BEEWWW BEEWWWW Oh what a fuzzy headed nerf, while he’s shooting at whoever that was. I’m out of here! Ugh, running in these binders is tough. Ow! I landed on someone… a Bothan? No time to apologize. I need to get into the grass and as far from here as I can.

Running north from town I see a Twilek who’s familiar, she was at the spaceport with that Duros earlier. Either they had the same idea I did, or the troopers are funneling us into a trap. Hey, where did that Bothan go? Whoa that blaster shot was close.. no wait it came from the ground.

Why’s the Bothan in a cave? Wait, there’s no caves here. She’s getting attacked by something. I jump down the hole and see a tentacle monster attacking her. We blast away at it for a while and it finally stops moving. I learn that stormtroopers are better trained than I am, using a blaster rifle on automatic is hard.

It sounds like the punchline to a very complicated joke but, I’m in an underground cave with a Bothan, a Twiliek, a Duros, a Zabrek, and I hear someone else scrambling down the hole now too.



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