Ludd Shere

Jedi Hunting Inquisitor


Holos of Ludd Shere have surfaced now and again. He has been seen bald, wearing a red headband. He wears robes of purple and red and sturdy black boots. Some say he carried two lightsabers, but it’s hard to tell with his billowing robes.


Ludd Shere was once a bright pupil of Master Ren Fah. The golden haired lad was quite the idealistic warrior poet. However, it is said his optimism was dashed at the Battle of Geonosis. Ludd was only a padawan. In the heat of the fight, a knight’s saber passed too close, the tip burned Ludd from lower back to shoulder. He spent the next year of the war floating in a bacta tank and had several surgeries to reconnect his spine.

A year after his last treatment, only then fully recovered and again next to his master in battle, he was nearly crushed to death when a blast from a droid hover tank collapsed a cliff face. Another six months in a bacta tank to recover from his wounds. This time, with the clones – the only different face was the one reflected back in the glass of the bacta tank.

Once recovered, Ludd was far behind in his studies. Most of the Jedi his age were now knights. His frustration was evident. In an intense battle, Ludd destroyed a Super Battle Droid with Force Lightning. That night, Ludd and Master Fah had a loud argument and Ludd fled into the wilderness.

The next morning, Master Ren Fah was found decapitated, his lightsaber missing. Ludd Shere was nowhere to be found.

Ludd Shere’s name has come up here and there. Last heard he was working for Emperor Palpatine. Some say he is an Inquisitor, rooting out corruption. Some say he hunts the remaining Jedi – but aren’t all the Jedi already dead?

Ludd Shere

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