Star Wars: Sith Rex

Following The Sphere of Life

There's not enough room on this ship.

The Jedi sat and talked with Master Reet and asked lots of questions about The Sphere of Life. It apparently used to live in the middle of four trees that grew as one. I’ve seen trees group together to survive the wind, but never seen four that grow as one, the roots get all tangled together and some of them get killed in the process. But whatever, it was found there by a pirate and his ship crashed on Verm where some old Jedi found The Sphere.

So we head to Verm in the Outer Rim and land at some engine-blasted mud hole named Ket. In town I look around in the local nets and find a few things about where the ship is crashed and that it’s the center of a local “dub” infestation. Pulling maps and local warnings, we meet up in the local tavern for some lunch and a couple drinks before heading out.

Out of boredom I ask one of the locals what she thinks of the crash site, the look on her face is that I either insulted her family, or she’s about to wet herself… or whatever Rodian’s do. A few of the others smooth things over with her a bit and she tells us that she’s scared of the place. We let her know we plan on going out there, but that when we come back we will let her know that we’re safe. This seems to pacify her, she looks less…. well, green than before.

We get to where The Endless Hunt ended it’s hunt (HA!) and see that the ship is broken into pieces, it might have been an old YT freighter back in the day. Now this is just a scrappers nightmare, we keep hearing random grunts and hoots from the trees. Inside we do our best to gather any sort of navigational data, but most of this stuff is fried. The only “prize” out of this is a decent heavy blaster that was in the pilots holster. He’s ash and bones, but his hip survived.
Nal finds that he hyperdrive is mostly intact, but will need some repairs and it’s actually better than the old putter we have in The Pure Blood, so we plan to take it. Someone discovers the captains quarters and finds multiple pictures of a fat Rodian with a silver droid next to him.

While Nal gets started on the hyperdrive, I look around quickly and set up a perimeter and identify defense points, these animals outside are getting angry and have started throwing some rocks at the wreck. Once everyone understands we may be under attack soon, I do my best to help not destroy the hyperdrive and get it on a mag lev.

Once outside the dub have started throwing rocks and other random bits of mess at us. We use sheets of metal from the wreckage as cover as we head to the shuttle, but this doesn’t really seem to help much. Drinn decides that enough is enough and a show of force is needed, she steps out front and flips on her lightsaber. When she does all of the dub stop throwing rocks and begin humming with the saber.

Not being one to frown on good luck, we hustle the hyperdrive to the shuttle and head back to The PB. Once there we see a Bothan standing outside our ship with a few pieces of obviously hired muscle. He lays some stupid line on us about not paying landing fees or something dumb and we tell him that if he’s charging landing fees, he needs to have fueling and repair space available and maybe should have a beacon out so that everyone knows this is his space. Then he goes into more garbage about the cost of taking salvage from the planet and we all laugh at him for this, what we have has been here for 30+ years more than long enough for anyone to take it. Making a third attempt at getting money he starts giving us trouble about “hunting dub without a license”, so I decide to show him all of the information I’ve downloaded from the planetary net showing that these are a “nuisance” creature and don’t require a license for hunting.
Once he’s fully embarrassed, he takes his thugs and leaves.

After the hyperdrive is loaded we head to the tavern to tell our friend that we came home safe. As we head back to the ship we see that the silver droid is there and he says that he wants to come with us, he cannot due to the restraining bolt holding him here. We go back to the tavern and offer to buy the droid from the bartender who complains about losing a worker so we point out that his friendly, attractive niece would be a better bartender than some boring old droid. And with that our friendly waitress is promoted to bartender, much to her excitement.

We get us and our new droid, ExArr, back to the ship and head out. While we are heading back to the Core, Mag sends a message to Zest that we need some work. He asks around and finds that Rotta needs an enemy shamed. We apparently get to plan the worst party ever.


I laughed, I cried, it was better than Cats. I will read it again and again!

Following The Sphere of Life

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