Freedom loving protocol droid.


ExArr’s chassis is quite old. It’s possible he has been upgraded and updated thousands of times, or perhaps he was merely salvaged, an antique. Regardless, he is silver in color and quite stylized, a product of a previous, perhaps more elegant, age. He was recently fit with silver arms. While they do not match his chassis, they are a better match than the mismatched arms he’s worn the past 25 years.

ExArr is a simple protocol droid, more butler than translator. He is not as haughty as more recent protocol droids. While simple and some would say shy, he is rather demanding about himself and his rights as a free being. He uses words for emotions he may or may not experience, but he does indeed use them in the correct manner. While he does not seem to wish to be without a master, he certainly does not want to serve a master that will mistreat him.


Nothing is known about the early life of XR-4G, a.k.a. ExArr, not even ExArr himself. Likely he has had several memory wipes over the years. He does remember serving with the infamous pirate captain Darriat Fleeg. This includes stealing The Sphere of Life from a moon called Geetine.

ExArr survived the battle between Capt. Fleeg and Jedi Master Flez Merr that resulted in the crash of Fleeg’s ship, The Endless Hunt. ExArr escaped from the wreckage of Hunt, but lost his arms in the process. He hiked, on foot, the 25 or so miles to the village of Ket. There, he entered the local pawn shop. He traded his services for repairs and a new set of arms. The pawn shop owner installed a mismatched set, one dark blue, the other green topped with a three fingered claw. ExArr would use these arms for the next 25 years.

The pawn shop owner sold the droid to his brother for the sum of 650 credits. The brother attached a restraining bolt and placed ExArr behind the bar. For the next 25 years, night and day, that’s where he stayed, except when needing repairs.

When ExArr approached the heroes, he stated that he wanted his freedom, to at the very least serve a better master. He claims he was mistreated, but will not discuss how. The heroes paid the bar owner 650 credits for ExArr’s freedom.


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