Master Reet

The Eternal Teacher


Jedi Master Yak Reet is tall with short tan fur, his snout like face has large, dark stripes. A long, thin, curved horn is set into his forehead, and his four arms end in three heavy, blunt claws.


Master Reet is a patient tutor and scholar. He has trained many padawan, both when he was alive 750 years ago, and even more since he was added to a holocron, now named after him.

Master Reet will happily train any new Force sensitives he encounters, he knows the Jedi Order is gone and that Jedi are far too few.

The Vikko Prophecy

Master Reet was left at the Hidden Temple due to a prophesy. Master Reet knows the story well.

The prophecy is more of a vision of the future. Master Raan Vikko, more than fifty years ago, had a vision. His vision was that a day would come when the Hidden Temple would be destroyed. He also saw that a group of young and promising people would be in the temple on the last day and that they would require the help of the Master Reet Holocron.

The vision was fuzzy beyond that, as visions of an ever changing future often are. However, his vision was very specific on the date: the day our heroes arrived.

Master Reet

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