The Dub are a species of tree dwelling trichordate, a tri-radially symmetrical creature. Internally, their three spines connect to a single brain stem and a triple lobed brain. Three proto-eyes protrude the skin, surrounding a three part beak/maw. The body is covered in short brownish fur. While the eyes sense little more than light or dark, the entire body of the dub appears to be an audio sensing organ.

The dub are heavily muscled for their size, less than a meter across at adulthood. Their three appendages are thick but quite flexible and prehensile. They thrive in cool rain forests, although, in warmer climes, dub have been known to shed their fur. They brachiate, moving from one prehensile appendage to another appendage to another, from tree limb to tree limb.

Dub are somewhat territorial but shy. They will defend themselves and are particularly good with thrown pebbles, stones, seed pods, just about anything they can grip and throw. They are also noted for their vocalizations, which are loud and jarring. they even mimic the sounds of vehicles, machines or sentients they are exposed to frequently.

Dub have been transplanted to several planets as they breed quickly and are a preferred food animal for several species. Certain planets have had to cull, even destroy the entire population due to the speed they breed.


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