The Sphere of Life

The Reet Holocron was found in the Hidden Temple next to another, spherical holocron. The sphere is constructed of a blueish alloy and purple crystal, but, unlike other holocrons, it does not glow. It cannot be activated. For all intents, it appears dead.

The Sphere has passed through many hands. No one is sure of its origin

Master Reet knows the following:

  • The Sphere arrived at the Hidden Temple some 25 years before. It was deactivated at the time.
  • It was recovered after a group of Jedi, led by Master Flez Merr, defeated a group of pirates.
  • The pirates were led by one Darriat Fleeg, a Rodian. Fleeg’s main ship, The Endless Hunt, crashed on an Outer Rim planet called Verm. Hunt lost an encounter with Master Merr’s starfighter.
  • No one knows where Fleeg found the Sphere.
  • Fleeg called the holocron The Sphere of Life.
  • Legend has it the Sphere rested between 4 trees for 101 years.

The Sphere of Life

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